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How it Works?

With Mutees you can SELL any kind of PRODUCT to your fans
and get up to 100% of revenue on each sale.

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Why Choose Us

How Much Does it Cost?

In order to start selling your products with your music, you just need to use our code which unlocks your album in our app. Each code is unique and it could only be used once.
The code comes on a Mutees Tag which we will provide, the price of the tag and code depends on the quantity you need, starting from €1.49 to €1.99 also depending on the plan you choose you get more benefits.

Which Plan is the best for me?

20 Codes and Tags
2 products for sale on App
1 Album to unlock
80% Revenue on App sells

50 Codes and Tags
5 products for sale on App
5 Album to unlock
90% Revenue on App sells

100 Codes and Tags
Unlimited products for sale on App
Unlimited Album to unlock
95% Revenue on App sells
1 track Included on the Recommended Artists Playlist
1 product in the featured section

How much will I earn?

You have 2 ways to start selling with mutees one is the Offline model and the other one is the Online model.

Offline model:
On this model you will sell your products in concerts, to friends, family, in your social media, website, etc.
This product must include the Mutees Tag and Code, provided by us where the user can scan and get your music using our App.
*With this model, you will get a 100% revenue on each sell.

Online Model:
Here you will be able to sell your products within our app, we will take care of the online payments and will notify you to ship the product immediately.
In this model, mutees take a commission fee of 5-20% depending on the plan that you subscribe.

Can Mutees manufacture our products?

Yes, we can also provide you with products, we make T-shirts and Hoodies at the moment.
The price of the products will vary depending on the quality and the number of colors of the print.
All products prices will include tags and codes.
The minimum quantity of products are 20, the more you make the less the price.

*Please send your design to to give you an exact quote.

Is my music protected?

Yes, your music is hosted on a private server and is only played through our app, no digital downloads.
All mutees artists own their copyrights, you just allow mutees to reproduce your complete album once a product has been sold.
Mutees gives the highest revenue to the artist so there are no extra streaming revenues applicable.

How do I get payed?

Artists that have products for sale in the Mutees App will get paid once a month if the amount collected is higher than €50, if not the payment will be done each trimester.
Depending on the plan that you have subscribed you will get from 80% to 95% revenue, and when you sell your products on your own, you will get 100% of that sell.

Who is in charge of Shipping the products?

You are, we encourage artists to manage, sell and ship their own merchandise, this way your close fans will always reach to you directly and you will get the highest revenue (100%).

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